About Me

Hello, my name is Arleth Juarez

I’m a learning animator, artist, and a sculptor. It all started when I was in 3rd grade when I was obsessed with my art class at elementary school. I’ve always wanted to learn animation because the process of moving drawings/pictures is what interested me. I’m more into the old classic 2D style animation, but any other than that is alright with me.

In my blogs, I make posts about Animation I and II inside in my Animation Portfolio. Either my posts are completed tutorials or the process that leads to my current major projects. Each post roughly contains a brief summary to give background information behind the work. This concludes the daily progress posts of every Wednesday/Friday.

I’m looking forward to make fun and interesting projects with my class. While doing so, this will help me in the future and my career choices.

If you’re looking forward for more posts or projects that I’m working on, consider following me and let yourself notified on what I’m am doing. This may also help you if we have similar goals or interests.

Lessons 4-5

In this lesson, I’ve learned how to use multiple motion tweens on different layers and how to edit a property curve. While editing a curve from a layer, I used ease to create a more realistic motion for every block and the hand. Overall, I have made refinements in the motion tweening of the blocks to create a bouncing effect and the hand bumping the stack.

In lesson 5, I’ve used motion tweening and classic tweening as an more simple way to move objects from one location to another. In the beginning of the lesson, it teached me about layer parenting. As I connect the layers to create their relation, if the parent layer moves so does the child layer. The lesson also introduced a new tool such as Asset Warp Tool and taught me about deforming a symbol. In the end, I finished it off by setting auto synchronize dialogue to create a lip syncing to the monkey.

Bouncing Ball Animation

On this weekend, I watched the following tutorial videos in our classroom homepage to create a bouncing ball animation. The two videos demonstrates how to properly use one of the animation principles, squash and stretch, more effectively. It will also demonstrate my ability to use the onion skin feature in Animate CC.

Lessons 1-3

Lesson 1

In this lesson, I worked on crating a short animation with three separate pictures and animation effects. This lesson took me about two-three days to complete

Lesson 2

In this lesson, I worked on creating images that were one once simple shapes. Including adding more complex backgrounds to fit in the scheme of the advertisement. This took me about two-three days to complete.

Lesson 3

In the first half of this lesson, I worked on creating a more complex way of animation with more effects such as blur and using the alpha value. The second half of this lesson, I worked on into editing motions paths and using multiple layers on a single symbol. This lesson took me at least three days to fully complete.

Rotoscope Project

Wednesday Nov 6

For what I did today, I wrote out my story for my rotoscope project. It is a short story about a boy with a plant wanting to take it outside until the unexpected weather happens.I am planning to do this at home with my brother.

Friday Nov 8

For what I did today, I drew down the storyboard to demonstrate the scenes of my Rotoscope Project

Wednesday Nov 13

For what I did this day I practiced by editing another video. I will record the required video for my own rotoscope project in a different mobile device. This is because my own phone doesn’t record any more videos, so I will borrow my brother’s phone and record in there instead. He will share the video with me so I can start my rotoscope project.

Our Social Contract

A Social Contract is on an agreement that the class creates to help build mutual respect.The students create responses that are recorded and then signs the contract to claim that is how they want to be treated and how they will treat others.

How do I want to be treated by you, the teacher?

  • Having my own space to work independently
  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • treated fairly
  • Respect

How do you think I, the teacher, wants to be treated by you the student?

  • Being matured
  • Professional
  • Productive
  • Quality work
  • Cordial

How should we treat each other in this classroom?

  • With respect
  • Equity
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Helpful
  • Thoughtful
  • Open-minded
  • Positive
  • Aware

How should we handle problems that come between us?

  • Losing interest in class, learning ownership skills
  • Turning assignments/projects in time,always turn in on the 8th week
  • Fights,always handle the aggressor first or don’t try to participate