Lessons 4-5

In this lesson, I’ve learned how to use multiple motion tweens on different layers and how to edit a property curve. While editing a curve from a layer, I used ease to create a more realistic motion for every block and the hand. Overall, I have made refinements in the motion tweening of the blocks to create a bouncing effect and the hand bumping the stack.

In lesson 5, I’ve used motion tweening and classic tweening as an more simple way to move objects from one location to another. In the beginning of the lesson, it teached me about layer parenting. As I connect the layers to create their relation, if the parent layer moves so does the child layer. The lesson also introduced a new tool such as Asset Warp Tool and taught me about deforming a symbol. In the end, I finished it off by setting auto synchronize dialogue to create a lip syncing to the monkey.

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