About Me

Hello, my name is Arleth Juarez

I’m a learning animator, artist, and a sculptor. It all started when I was in 3rd grade when I was obsessed with my art class at elementary school. I’ve always wanted to learn animation because the process of moving drawings/pictures is what interested me. I’m more into the old classic 2D style animation, but any other than that is alright with me.

In my blogs, I make posts about Animation I and II inside in my Animation Portfolio. Either my posts are completed tutorials or the process that leads to my current major projects. Each post roughly contains a brief summary to give background information behind the work. This concludes the daily progress posts of every Wednesday/Friday.

I’m looking forward to make fun and interesting projects with my class. While doing so, this will help me in the future and my career choices.

If you’re looking forward for more posts or projects that I’m working on, consider following me and let yourself notified on what I’m am doing. This may also help you if we have similar goals or interests.

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