Modeling a Simple Human Character

Progress 1

For what I did in Maya 2018, I have started on adding different planes and testing them out on different camera angles. Then, I opened up Hyper shade for the next step to add on the reference files onto the work area. Before I did, I used the second lambert to export the top view reference. I will then drag the lambert file onto the top view camera angle to show the reference.

Progress 2

After adding in the reference files, I lined them up evenly to match the expected model. Then I added a simple cube shape and modified it to resemble the body. I scaled the to fit in the size and moved it where it needs to be. One common tool I used to enlarge the shape on a specific face is extruding. Once I’ve done this, I corrected the top vertices/edges from the cube to finalize the body.

Progress 3

The next step I’ve done from the first video is adding on the head of the figure. I extruded the neck and added in more offset edge loops to extrude that as well. After I extruded, its head will end up as a block. During the modifications to the head, I selected specific edges and vertices and scale/move them to the appropriate locations just as where the reference files shows. This is the last step on the first video and I will move on to the next step on the second video.

Progress 4

On the second video, I manage to reach during the production of making the figures arms. I am halfway through the video and finishing up the modification on the arms. I used extract from the elbows to stretch out the arms and offset edge loops to accomplish the roundness of the arms. Only the wrists needs to stay squared in order to make the hands in the next process.

Progress 5

Halfway through the third video, I have made it all the way into the making the man’s hands. I am currently adding in the fingers by extruding the base of the hand. Once the fingers are done, I will finalize it by rounding them up just like the head. To make it look smoother, it requires moving and scaling on the desired model.

Progress 6 (Final)

On the last video on making the mini man, I finished adding on the extra fingers it needed and attach them into the same hand by using the bridge tool. Then I had finished finalizing the extra parts from the video, such as the legs, neck, and hand, to continue. In the end, I duplicated the model and smooth it out from the polygonal copy, where this is the final step.

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